Covid-19 Action Plan

MemoRise Skybar…. Be safe above the city

We are very pleased to present our new menu what you can taste on our rooptop bar with its breathtaking panorama to the Citadel. Let us kindly inform you that we did all the necessary steps in order to ensure the maximum safety and comfort at MemoRise Skybar regarding the Covid-19 protocol.

Protecting the health and safety of our guests and colleagues is our high priority now. The MemoRise Skybar does everything possible to prevent possible risks, therefore we created a brand new Covid-19 Action Plan. 

Certain parts and aspects of our operation have been changed and we apply strict hygienic and safety rules in the everyday operation. This action plan follows the directive of the latest regulations and decrees in accordance with the COVID-19 regulations of the Hungarian Turism Agency, local health authorities and WHO.

MemoRise Skybar

  • Our colleagues have individual protective equipments (mask, rubber gloves) and washing their hands in every 2 hours with disinfectant soap and paper towel
  • The Reception team is personally supervising the safety distancing at the elevator and the lobby area
  • The frequently used surfaces (elevator buttons, railings, electrical switches, door knobs) are regularly disinfecting with chemicals aimed at killing COVID-19
  • We use air disinfection spray regurlarly in the common areas and elevator
  • We provide hand sanitizer at the entrance of the hotel and Skybar
  • Upon request we can also provide mask for our guests
  • We are not using textile napkins anymore but we apply disposable paper placemat on our tables
  • To guarantee your safety we had to rearrange our rooftop spaces, therefore our maximum capacity at the same time is more limited as it used to be
  • We disinfect all table, salt cellar, pepper pot, chair and rail after each guest
  • Foiled and sterilized food, drink and wine menus are available for our guests
  • These menus can be also reached on our website, you can find the URL on each table
  • Our guest toilets are equipped with disinfectant soap and paper towels
  • We use disposable paper towels instead of dish towel
  • Most of our foods annealed properly
  • We protect our open air rooftop kitchen with plexi wall
  • We wash the mess kit, plates and dishes in a dishwasher on 90 degrees with long program
  • We take over and store all ingredients in immaculate packing and quality keeping the strict hygienic and safety rules regarding this
  • Our colleagues touch the ingredients using rubber gloves and carrying mask at all time during the food preparation and service

Please cooperate with us by taking all precautions, and you only reserve a table if you don’t feel sick yourself.